Python Day 1

What is python?

Python is a simple, easy to understand high level language with dynamic semantics. It was created by Guido Van Rossum and released in 1991.

It can be used For.

  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Mathematics
  • System Scripting


  • Can Works on Different Platforms (Win, Mac, Linux etc)
  • Simple and easy to read syntax
  • Code less do more
  • Interpreter based, code can be executed as soo as it is written
  • Free and open source

How to Install?

Can be installed from Just download and install the setup.

First Program

Create a file with .py extension for example

Write Code

print("Hello World")

Semicolons not used in python

No Execute this file from command change path to your directory and type python

IDE Like Visual Studio Code can also be used to write and execute python program

Comments in Python

For Single line Comment # keyword is used

For multi line comment three opening and closing single qoute are used like

”’Multi line Comment in Python”’


For writting multiline string literal inside the print also used three opening and closing single qoute like ‘”Multi Line String”’, if this is inside the print function then it will be considred a string literal and if it is at out side than it will be considered as multi line Comment

Modules in Python

A Module is a file like libraries written by somone else which can be imported and used in our program.

Types of Module

  1. Built in Module ….. (pre Installed in python)
  2. External Module ….. (Need to install using pip)

Some examples of built in modules are os, abc, array etc

Some examples of built in modules are flask, playsound etc

What is pip?

pip is the package manager for python you can use pip to install different module or packages like if you want to install flask module in your system just write pip install flask and flask will be installed in your system.

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